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Arapaoa Kiwi… its a new project and its exciting!


The Arapaoa Kiwi project is an incredibly ambitious project to eradicate stoats from Arapaoa Island and re-introduce kiwi to the island in the next 5-7 years.
Arapaoa is the 13th largest island in New Zealand and will provide a huge area for the kiwi to establish themselves. The many existing species of birds including Falcons, Bellbirds and Tui will also appreciate the eradication of stoats. Hopefully, kaka, kakariki and other bird species will re-introduce themselves.
We will be aiming for a trap every 5-7ha, so around 1500 traps will be required. This will involve installing trap lines on most ridges, formed tracks, near streams and beaches and around various features that attract stoats. Traps will generally be placed every 100m on the trap lines. Different types of traps will be used in different locations. Some traps will require checking at least every month, while others every six months. With around 1500 traps on the island this is a huge job, and we will be employing trappers and contractors for this.