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Property Owners:

For property owners, our permission form is available for you here.

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DOC series best practice tunnel designs.

Instructional Videos:

Learn About Bird Song.

Learn about Stoats and Pests.

Learn About Trapping.

Webinar Series

A series of interesting and educational webinars.

Interesting Articles:

Predator control specialist Cam Speedy provides tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your DOC200 trap.

Discussing better baits for rats and possums.

Article on stoats being attracted to ferret and cat scent based lures. We are hoping to use ferret scent based lures as one of our lure options in the near future.

Discussing the genetic analysis of stoats to determine where on the mainland, island stoats are linked. We will be doing this as part of our project, hence why we want to keep samples of every stoat caught. A member of our Technical Advisory Group (Dr Andrew Veale of Landcare) is a co-author of the study mentioned in this article.

Discussing predation on rats by cats – in this case an urban environment. Basically cats will only go after the smaller rats, and leave the big ones alone. The big rats fight back. Our own domestic cat has had to be taken to the vets because of a rat bite!

A paper describing why we will not be using tracking tunnels for monitoring. They are just not accurate enough for detection of stoats in low densities. We will be using monitoring cameras. There is new technology being developed that we may use on the future that will be cheaper than the monitoring cameras.