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Stoats and Pests

Sampling Stoats for Genetic Analysis

As part of the project we need to genetically analyse a number of stoats to determine the frequency of stoat migration onto Arapaoa Island. Further information can be found here.

Instructional Videos

A DOC video about biosecurity, and precautions on visiting offshore islands. Plus a little bit about visiting Kapiti Island.

Follow a trapper along his trap like.

Warning: Has a lot of swearing, but is interesting.

Our traps are longer than ones in this video as we have weka to contend with. Also we don’t use the trap setting tool – DOC200s are easy to set by hand. All our DOC200s have a handle, unlike one in the video where he uses a string. Latest best practice says to wear gloves when handling traps – so you don’t leave a human scent that may discourage stoats, and so you don’t get any diseases.