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What is Kaupapa : (noun) topic, policy, matter for discussion, plan, purpose, scheme, proposal, agenda, subject, programme, theme, issue, initiative.

Arapaoa Kiwi aims to re-introduce kiwi onto Arapaoa Island in the next 5-7 years.
This requires stoats to be eradicated, and prevented from re-establishing for the next 30+ years. By targeting just stoats (and not rats), island wide eradication can be achieved.

Arapaoa Kiwi Trust

A project of this size is very complex, and there is a lot of administration overhead and everything takes time. Unfortunately we can’t just go out and purchase a lot of traps and put them around the island.

The Arapaoa Kiwi Trust was formed on the 1st September 2021 to administer the project with three founding trustees and an administrator:
– Registered as a charitable trust Arapaoa Kiwi Trust (CC59615).
– Registered as a registered charity.
– Formed a technical advisory group (TAG) of national experts.
– Drafted and executing an operational plan.


Steve Dawson

Project Manager and Trustee.

Mark Denize


Founding Trustee. Retired, has lived in Stingray Bay, East Bay, Arapaoa Island since 2001.

Mark is actively involved in local conservation including Forest regeneration carbon credits, predator trapping and much more.

Ben Wybourne


Founding Trustee. Lives in Murchison and also in East Bay on Arapaoa Island.

Trust Administrator.