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Progress Update

Monitoring update on the Pilot Programme Traps:

Last week Steve and Sue Dawson checked all the traps lines and serviced the trail cameras as part of the Pilot Programme which begun one month ago. Some of the trail cameras are watching automated mayonnaise dispensers (stoats and rats love this) and other cameras were watching some of the Goodnature A24 traps. No stoats were seen on any of the cameras, however there was a total of 49 kills recorded by the 46 x A24 traps.

A further 40 more traps (mostly DOC200 run through traps) and cameras were also deployed which now nearly completes the Pilot Programme network.

May be an image of map and text that says " AK1033 AK1035 AK1040 Stingray Bay Road AK1042 AK1057036 AUAK1078Road AK1079 AK1037 AK1080 AK1038 AK0125 AK0141 AK1051 AK1043 AK1044 AK1084083 AK10861085 AK1082 AK1091K2090 089 1088 087 Puriri Valley AK1050 AK1062 AK1000 Stingray Boundary Ridge K100 AK1002gray AK1AK1004 Bay Valley AK10065 AK1046 AK1048 AK1049 C6 Stingray to Saddl AK1021 AK1020 AK1019 AK1007 AK1008 AKAK1025 AK1011AK1009 Ridge OAK-10AK10AK10 10K1032"